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Bonnie Barberini
 CFO and Founder


She is the visionary that has driven the company since 1993. Her passion is improving our procedures and practices; incorporating technology and value added services for both our clients and tenants. Bonnie is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Permitted Property Manager. She has been deeply involved in the National Association of Residential Property Managers since 2007 and has served many times on the board of our local chapter. Bonnie stays on top of the law and re-writes our management and lease agreements on a regular basis to cover new laws and best practices. She is dedicated to providing an office atmosphere in which we all support and lift each other up.

Laura Barberini
CEO and Property Manager


Laura is our CEO and Property Manager. Laura runs the staff, prepares legal documents and represents the owners in eviction court; she interfaces with all of our tenants, owners and vendors; oversees the maintenance, deals with all the ‘problems’; runs comps, inputs the MLS listings; is an expert in handling mold remediation coordination and is on-call for emergencies nights and on week-ends. Laura has her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. She is co-owner of the Company and is a licensed Broker-Salesman and holds her Property Management Permit. Her email is

Lori Guiliano
Director of Maintenance


Lori is our Director of Maintenance. Lori is the point of contact for tenants putting in work orders. Lori contacts the owners on repairs that are called in and keeps them informed on the estimated price and progress. Lori issues the work orders to the vendors and follows through to the completion of the job. Lori is also responsible for the disposition of the tenant’s deposit when they move out. She is diligent in charging them everything they are responsible for to the limit of their deposit and spends hours comparing their move-in and move-out inspection reports and hundreds of photographs. If their deposits do not cover the damage, she turns the tenant over to a Collection company. Lori has been with the company since April of 2010. She started as our outside field inspector and worked her way up. Her email is

Irene Galindo
Accounting Director


Irene is our Accounting Director. Irene inputs all of invoices, pays all of the bills including HOA dues, sewer and trash and if applicable property taxes and insurance. She sends out your monthly distribution via ACH directly to your account and uploads all invoices and statements to your on-line account. She is also a former licensed insurance agent (she was with Allstate for many years) and has saved our clients’ money not by writing insurance for them but by reviewing their coverage and making suggestions. I have known Irene since 2002 and consider our Company very blessed to have her join us in 2014. Irene is fully bi-lingual in English and Spanish in both speech and writing. Her email is and you can email all accounting questions directly to her.

Ashley Benavidez
Leasing Coordinator


Ashley is our New Accounts and Leasing Coordinator; Ashley prepares the documents for our new clients. For new tenants, Ashley accepts all applications, personally verifies employment and tenancy history and processes them to completion; prepares the lease; sets an appointment for the tenant to sign the lease and pay their deposits within 2 days of being approved. Ashley is also responsible for renewing the current leases once the property manager has reviewed the current comps and given her the new rental rate. Ashley began working with us in September of 2013; she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish in both speech and writing. Her email is

Sonia Terrazas
HOA Coordinator, Marketing Director and Receptionist


Sonia wears 3 hats. She is our HOA Coordinator, Marketing Director and Receptionist. Sonia handles all HOA violation issues – working with the tenant and the HOA to bring the property into compliance. As receptionist, she answers all incoming calls and directs them to the appropriate party. No calls are ever sent to voicemail. Sonia performs multiple clerical duties for the office such as data input, file uploading and rent collection for those tenants who still come into the office to pay. Sonia ensures that all of our website listings, social media and internet advertising remain up to date. Sonia began working with us in June of 2018; she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish in both speech and writing. You can email any HOA violations directly to her to handle. Her email is

Brent Tell
Field Inspector


Brent is our outside field inspector. Brent does the ongoing “short” inspections during the year on all our properties each year including the special “pet inspections”. The purpose of these inspections is to be sure the house keeping is up to par, that damages are not being done to the property, that unauthorized pets haven’t been brought in and more. We do a personal move-in with the tenants.  Brent meets the tenants at the property to give them the key, go over the move-in inspection report; shows them how to turn the water off in case of emergency; where the GFI’s are; where the return vents are – reminding them to change the filters monthly and more. Brent also handles the initial inspections on all new accounts and the “move-out” inspections which take him anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to complete and takes hundreds of photographs of the property to document its overall condition and specific items that need to be repaired, replaced or updated. In 2018 Brent relocated to Las Vegas from Orange County and has worked in this field since February of 2013.  His email is

Israel Davila
Outside Field Inspector


Israel is also an outside field inspector. Israel also conducts the move-out inspection reports which take him anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to complete and takes hundreds of photographs of the property to document its overall condition and specific items that need to be repaired, replaced or updated. Israel obtains bids for work to be done on the properties. I’ve known Israel for about 15 years and he came to work for us in 2013. He shares the same email with Brent –

All of us are very dedicated to providing top quality service to our clients and to providing quality housing for our tenants.

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